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I'm from Oklahoma I'm 32 years old 

I started snowboarding in 2005 in WV 

I found something I enjoyed taking all the thoughts of daily life away for a few short moments reaching something of a calming effect if you have ever meet me I'm not calm. After learning to snowboard and visiting my first resort I decided to move away from WV and thought why not move to a resort somewhere. Iv now worked at many ski resorts around the country and love snow. In 2008 I meet Marshall Cooper at mdc designs and he showed me the world of downhill longboarding. It was the thing I needed yet again living in Oklahoma where their was no snow. He showed me a industry I love and wanted to be apart of and spread the joy it gives me to others.

Many people and sponsors have helped me travel to the best of places and meet some rad friends along the way.

If I could tell you two things about myself it would be i laugh alot and my passion shows. 


AKA: Neil the Reil Diel

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