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Photo by: Wes Peterson

My name is Matthew “Samurai” Williams, 31, from Saint Albans, New York.


Where I’m from skate wasn’t popular you either play basketball, rap, hustle, or you got a job had a family that’s, that. Me personally I was a rapper. I use to spend most of my time during class writing rhymes. I even took it as far as battling on Ibattle League based out of Connecticut, which was ran by a local emcee name, Logic. It was in between fulfilling my dreams of being an emcee that I was introduce to skating by my co-worker Ivan Morales. Now I wasn’t an absolute dweeb, I watched X-Games… It was later in the year after a little bit of influences from other friends I brought a board. At the time I didn’t know squat about skating and I was 26 year old rapper looking for a hobby in between jobs, so I got this Mercer Pintail board right off Zumies website. When I finally got the courage to actually skate around I found this local sprint race, which put me up against Kiefer Dixon and Mac Ghost Skate; talk about being out classed. That was the day I realized how much farther I had to go. I really started to get into skateboarding heavy. One thing that I will stand by to this day is YouTube that was one of the tools I used along this interesting journey. I was once spending my 3 am sleepless nights writing lines for songs, instead I was watching tutorials and pushing around my neighborhood. There was nothing more freeing than a late night skate to release your frustrations; it was addicting. I was learning about a whole new science. I near master the art of lyricism but this was something new a break from my usual life. In 2013 is when it all went south I was hit by a car which led to a tear in my meniscus. I was force to leave a job I just started and put down a hobby I was starting to enjoy. During that time it was dark, lonely place and made many of mistakes that I wish I would’ve never done, but at the time they felt right and I was desperate. I knew I had to wait a year before I could get back on board and I was dedicated to progress. It was something during that time period that my grandmother said as she was fighting Alzheimer do what you love and don’t let anyone stop you. I was falling in love with skateboarding, music had long left my life and I was fully recovered from my injury. I decided to enter some local outlaw push races. This wasn’t something I was use to let’s just say it was far less aggressive, but eventually I started riding with a crew every weekend. Those moments to me was the pure definition of freedom skating was helping me cope with much of life and my temper. I gotta throw much love to my brother David Mattson who further encouraged me to do Ultra Skate. At some point I winded up living on Dave’s couch because I couldn’t handle life at home and all I wanted to do is skate. I was convince I was going to get good act downhill skating and was willing to take the time off work to reach that level. I think we spent about six months of partying, skating, and at the hospital but like all good things it had to come to an end. I wind up living after a falling out with a group that shall not be name but stayed in contact with my new brother. I credit everything that happened to them because I wouldn’t have never pushed to reach that next level. A couple thing to know about me I have a unique take on language to put it in layman words are poetry no matter how vulgar. I like to spend most of my free time when I’m not skating watching movies and eating food. If I had one philosopher to admire it would be John Lennon. #noboarders.

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